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Toy Vehicles

Toy Vehicles Information

Affordable Columbia, SC Seasonal Vehicle Insurance

Also Serving Irmo, Chapin, Lexington & Surrounding Areas in South Carolina

Not all motor vehicles are your average sedan or SUV. These toy vehicles — such as motorcycles, ATVs, and boats — need insurance just as much as the average vehicle. However, specialty vehicles cannot receive coverage under your standard auto policy. Affordable Insurance Group offers policies designed for these vehicles.

Understanding Toy Vehicle Insurance

Operating any kind of motor vehicle could put the driver, passengers and others at risk of harm. Just as you could have an auto accident, you could also have accidents in or on these vehicles. Having insurance on these vehicles can help you cover the personal damage you sustain, as well as liability risks you pose to others.

We offer numerous toy vehicle policies, including:

In many cases, owners and operators of these vehicles are required by law to have insurance. Rather than trying to insure them on your homeowner's insurance, get them their own protection. We can tailor protection to specific vehicles; you'll have more specific and better coverage in the event accidents occur. This can also prevent a claim against your homeowners' policy — which could get your home insurance cancelled or non-renewed due to excessive claims.

What Are The Five Types Of Vehicle Insurance?

Specialty vehicles will each need a specific type of insurance policy. Boats need different coverage than ATVs, for instance. Still, most specialty vehicles have a few common insurable risks. Five types of vehicle insurance common among specialty vehicles are:

  • Liability Protection
  • Collision Insurance
  • Comprehensive Damage Protection
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Coverage
  • Medical Payments Insurance

Often, you will have a requirement to get certain coverage. For example, your financial lender might require you to buy physical damage insurance. State law often requires RV or motorcycle drivers to carry liability insurance.

Additional Coverage Perks

Rest assured we can help you get all the specialty vehicle coverage required of you. Still, our specialty is to help you enhance protection with additional perks, such as:

  • Towing assistance
  • Pollution and spill cleanup insurance
  • Full-time resident coverage
  • Possessions/safety gear coverage
  • Rental vehicle protection
  • Accessory coverage
  • Glass replacement coverage
  • Guest passenger liability insurance

Coverage To Your Financial Benefit

Do you want to make sure your policy will cover the full cost of your personal losses? We can make sure you have appropriate coverage to address the value of your vehicles. Our policies can include:

  • Replacement cost insurance
  • Stated cost value coverage
  • Disappearing deductibles

Our job is to help you get the most affordable coverage for your vehicle, so you'll always be able to keep your policy active. We can also offer you such perks as safe driver discounts and other savings to help you obtain additional protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get toy vehicle insurance without a license?

It depends on what type of vehicle you plan to operate.

  • If you use a motorcycle or RV on public roads, you must have a driver's license. In some cases, you will need endorsements on your license to be able to use these vehicles.
  • Boats and ATVs usually don’t require special licensing. However, you might have to take a safety course, or receive other certification.

Keep in mind, if you plan to use vehicles on public roads, you'll likely need to register the vehicle with the state. Our agents can help you determine your tagging, licensing and titling obligations.

Are my insurance costs tax-deductible?

You usually cannot deduct personal insurance costs. However, if you plan to use these vehicles commercially, you might qualify for tax savings. That said, you’ll likely need commercial vehicle insurance as a result. This is entirely separate from personal coverage.

Get Started Today!

We can search for the best policies based on your needs, equipment and the types of toys you own.

Call Affordable Insurance Group today at (803) 798-4499 to get started with a free quote.

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