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Affordable Insurance Group Blog: auto

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A lot of car insurance rating factors are out of your control: You have the kind of car you have. You are the age you are. These things you can't control. However, there are other factors you can control. Yet, many people don't. Here are the top auto insurance mistakes drivers make that end up raising their rates. READ MORE >>

You have a lot of options when it comes to buying auto insurance. Many vehicle owners recognize the value of purchasing comprehensive car insurance. It covers most of your risks and keeps your financials in order should a problem occur. Yet, there are some instances when purchasing just Liability Insurance may be prudent. READ MORE >>

Waking up to your car having egg on it is never a good way to start the day. Egg on a car can cause damage to the paint. When this happens, you'll realize you need to clean it up. However, how do you improve the paint? Will your auto insurance policy help you? How an Egging May Have Coverage READ MORE >>

Having an affordable auto insurance policy is a good thing. Yet, in many cases, rates will increase year to year. How can you avoid paying more for the same coverage? Looking at options with an independent insurance agent can help. This year, don't immediately renew your auto insurance policy. READ MORE >>

We use our vehicles for many purposes – including hauling large items. Yet, when we do this, we run the risk of those objects falling off our vehicle and causing damage to our vehicle – not to mention other drivers and vehicles on the road. READ MORE >>

During the spring, warm fronts might contain strong thunderstorms. The most severe weather carries with it the potential to do major damage to your property. As weather threats increase, protecting your possessions should be a priority. One thing you should not neglect is your car. READ MORE >>

A vehicle's transmission is one of its largest — and most expensive — components. When the transmission stops working, repair costs can skyrocket. Often, your auto insurance policy will not cover any costs for transmission repairs and replacement. READ MORE >>

Tesla manufactures driverless vehicles. These cars operate with advanced autonomous technology, which allows them to navigate on their own. No driver is necessary In the insurance world, there is concern about liability regarding such vehicles. If the technology fails, it could lead to an accident. READ MORE >>

Your background plays a big role in how much you pay for auto insurance. Factors such as your driving habits and your credit score can play a role. Even your gender can impact how much you pay for car insurance. There's often not much you can do about the impact of gender on insurance rates. READ MORE >>

Business insurance is perhaps one of the best investments you can make as a company owner to safeguard your company's future. Today, it is very common for people to sue a business if they feel as though they've lost money or possessions. Mistakes happen even to the best companies. READ MORE >>

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