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Affordable Insurance Group Blog: home insurance

View the latest blog posts from Affordable Insurance Group.

Being a homeowner is great — until you have an incident that requires you to file a claim. You can't prevent a tree from falling on your roof, but you can prevent water damage due to leaky pipes. Here are three mistakes that homeowners often make — and how you can avoid them: 1. READ MORE >>

Roof repair is covered under your home insurance policy. However, your insurer only pays claims caused by a covered event. Learn about the events covered and excluded by your policy and how to protect your roof until it's repaired. The Cause Of The Damage Matters READ MORE >>

Your floors are an important structural part of your home. Home insurance can cover damage to them in some situations. What happens if your cat or dog destroy them, perhaps with urine or due to stains tracked in from outside? In these situations, you can turn to your Affordable Insurance Group agent for policy clarification. READ MORE >>

The sewer lines and drains around your home move material and water from those locations out to your street or other sewer collection areas. When these systems are working properly, the water moves quickly and without any risk. When they're not, it can be a nightmare. READ MORE >>

When determining your home insurance premium, insurance companies look at many factors. One of them is weather. Here in South Carolina, our home insurance risks are significantly different than those homeowners in Florida or Oklahoma. The risk of damage to your home is always based on your property specifically. READ MORE >>

Let's say a visitor comes to your home. That visitor causes damage to it, such as breaking a window or dropping an expensive vase. Do you have home insurance to cover these losses? This depends on multiple factors. Most of the time, home insurance covers accidental loss and damage. READ MORE >>

Owning rental property can be a challenge. Many people do not realize there are several types of home insurance to cover this situation. Having the right coverage is essential. A basic home insurance policy is enough in some situations, but not all. What type of insurance do you need if you plan to rent out a single-family home? READ MORE >>

Hurricane Florence's effects will reverberate through South Carolina for a long time. The total cost of property damage will likely reach into the hundreds of millions of dollars. Right now, however, totals don't matter to you. Fixing your own damage does. You'll likely turn to your homeowners insurance for support in this critical time. READ MORE >>

Home insurance provides financial protection to property owners. In some cases, this coverage can become essential. Fires can threaten to burn your home down. A storm can cause roof damage, leading to mold growth, and necessitating total restoration. A tree can fall onto a home, damaging it so badly that contractors cannot repair it. READ MORE >>

Today's gamer tends to invest a lot of money in equipment. Computer gaming systems of all types can be very valuable. Having insurance protection on these investments is usually a good idea. Home insurance policies can help. However, they are often only effective up to a certain point. READ MORE >>

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